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10th International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM2020

Announcements  : 10th International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM2020

Cancelation of TEAM2020 conference

Dear friends and colleagues,

Due to the COVID-19 situation worldwide, we have to cancel TEAM2020 conference which should have been organised in Slavonski Brod in November 2020.

Although epidemiologic situation in Croatia right now is very good, it is hard to predict precise situation in a few months’ time and we have to make a decision. Traveling from abroad is still difficult and personal gathering, as one of the most important issues of International TEAM Society and TEAM conferences, could be very limited.

Due to the same reasons, we also have to cancel 1st International Mobility Week in Slavonski Brod (16th-20th of November, 2020).

New proposed time for both events is November 2021. We’ll keep you informed.




On behalf of International TEAM Society and College of Slavonski Brod, you are kindly invited to 10th International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM2020. This conference will be organized in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, on 19th and 20th of November, 2020.

We invite you to join the conference that will provide an open forum for students, academic community, researchers and scientists, and insure the exchange of experiences as well as research results in area of Technique, Education, Agriculture and Management.

TEAM2020 will be the highlight of all events organised during the 1st International Mobility Week in Slavonski Brod (16th-20th of November, 2020).

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